christians face the genocidal tendencies of their loving god God part 2

It’s one thing for like minded people to share your ideas, but when you have detractors sharing your ideas (no matter how deluded they believe you to be), it is something that can truly be appreciated.



I really don’t expect you to understand. You want to elevate yourself to God’s perspective. We are His creation, not His equal. If you were a potter and you shattered a pot you made, would you be an evil murderer? cateritforward

Isn’t it odd that in the midst of explaining how loving and wonderful their invisible god is, some Christians will tell you that they expect that their benevolent creator has every right to treat them as malevolently as it pleases? I’ve come across this on a number occasions, and it concerns me on a number of levels:

  1. Do they think it reasonable to compare sentient beings with inanimate objects?
  2. If they think the stronger, more intelligent being can do what it wants without reproach, how do they treat children or animals? Seriously, what kind of attitude is revealed in a comment like this?
  3. Placing these concerns to the side…

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