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Tomorrow Might be Better

Who decided that procrastination is wasting time? Relaxing is key to my creative process. I realize I need to relax more than others, but I’m results driven. It doesn’t matter what task is at hand. I just happen to know that even simple tasks like cleaning toilets require two or three days of preparation.

The way I see it, if I remain productive I never have time to take it easy. There is always something to be done. Some people, like your boss, may say you are wasting time, but I say you are biding your time, or you are analyzing potential outcomes. I like that one. It sounds technical.

I was a quality technician at a manufacturing plant. It’s the perfect job. There really is no work to complete, you just have to create the illusion that you are working. If you have a clipboard and occasionally scrawl some incoherent scribbles people will leave you alone. When you are wandering around the plant to stretch your legs, management thinks you are on a mission. That daydreaming on the loading dock appears to be important work. Because it is. You are analyzing potential outcomes.

This method can be expanded if you adopt the Wimpy Model. He wants hamburgers now. He promises to pay Tuesday. It’s simple. Make your demand. Make empty promises about future repayment. Just don’t try it on your spouse.

Philosopher Garth Brooks posited the idea that there may be instances where tomorrow never comes. (I think he was singing about a woman, but if you twist hard enough, you can make anything support your argument).  If tomorrow does come, I hope you were thinking about the task at hand while watching ‘Judge Judy,’ because you’re out of time.