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The Jambalaya Shoppe–Gonzales, LA

One of my favorite things while traveling is hunting for great food. A chef friend told me Gonzales is jambalaya country and if you believe what the water tower says, Gonzales is the jambalaya capital of the world. I’m happy to announce that I have found some delicious jambalaya at The Jambalaya Shoppe.

My research revealed this little gem and I was pretty certain that I was in for a treat as these restaurants are popping up around south Louisiana. We opted for a bucket of chicken and sausage jambalaya and since the weather was nice, we ate at one of the two picnic tables in the parking lot.

I do have to admit that this is the second restaurant in the region I have eaten at over the past couple of days that wasn’t spicy. I love spicy food, and we don’t have many options for fire eating in Shreveport. I’ve always been told I have to go south for sinteringly hot cuisine–maybe this is reserved for New Orleans. Regardless, I happened upon a gem.

The original location is not much more than a shack–typically a good sign when you are searching for deliciousness. That standard holds true in this case. The sausage was delightfully scabbed, and the morsels of chicken were plenty. And the flavor profile? It held a subtle complexity that I will explore again this evening. I was ravenous at lunch and didn’t thoughtfully enjoy this delight, but I’ll savor it tonight.

My only complaint is that it needed heat. Naturally, I added Tabasco, but I would have appreciated more heat. Make that two complaints–we do not have a Jambalaya Shoppe here in Shreveport. I hope my second complaint is properly addressed soon.

Tangy Orange and Lime Salad Dressing

I have to admit that I don’t eat many fresh fruits and vegetables.  I like fruit and some vegetables, but sometimes it’s easier to grab a candy bar or a tin of sardines.  I’m lazy.  Preparing salad diverts my efforts from other worthwhile endeavors.  Like eating potato chips.

I was surfing recipes while I was at the bank drive thru when I found the perfect salad dressing recipe.  As soon as I completed my transaction I had to go to Kroger for some oranges.  This recipe captured my imagination that I had to get home to make it immediately.  Or something like it.

I have great difficulty following recipes.  I almost never follow a recipe.  I see them as guidelines.  When I saw the recipe for Citrus Shallot Salad Dressing, I was imagining Tangy Orange and Lime Salad Dressing sweetened with watermelon molasses.


I am very pleased with the results.  The Tabasco lends the tiniest of bit of heat while you taste a faint hint of watermelon.  It is so faint it is almost an afterthought.  If you don’t want to burn up a whole day making watermelon molasses, you can always use a different sweetener.  I think brown sugar would be a nice addition.


Juice from 2 oranges
Juice from 2 limes
2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons Dijon mustard
2 tablespoons watermelon molasses (or you can use honey or another sweetener)
1 large shallot, minced finely
2 dashes Tabasco
sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste


Combine ingredients in a mason jar and shake until combined.