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Mission: Honduras


In July, Heather and I will fly out to Honduras. This will be our third year in a row. It’s our annual mission trip to share the Gospel with precious children with Ignite Missions. Can we call it a vacation? Perhaps. After all, we are going to the murder capital of the world. That sounds restful.

Our mission leaders go to great lengths to keep us safe. Perhaps a little too safe. I can’t even break away to get some street food. I’ve eaten street food in Haiti where cholera is troublesome. That’s my badge of honor regarding third world eats.

Santiago, the bus driver, will make sure we are safe in our travels. Last year when we left Amapala Island, we were driving up a mountain on a narrow two lane road with no shoulders. At dusk, he passed a big rig in a blind turn on the mountain. Oh, and there was oncoming traffic. It was exciting. I was thrilled at what I saw unfolding while many on the bus closed their eyes and started praying. I genuinely thought that was one of the highlights.

The beauty of the country contrasting with the poverty was hard to reconcile. The Honduran people generally seem hopeful. At least in rural areas. How can Americans where even the poorest are considered wealthy to over 90% of the world be unhappy? Perhaps it’s the stuff that chains us to misery. Maybe plunging into an environment that strips most of the excess is a vacation. Sometimes I even have wifi so I can play Candy Crush.

Post is in response to the IBQ weekly writing challenge.

Where’s My Passport?

CC image courtesy of Jeff Kubina on Flickr.
CC image courtesy of Jeff Kubina on Flickr.

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit.  Go!

There’s nothing like an adventure. Yes, you can have an adventure at the local grocery store, but to have a true adventure where you are immersed in a place where everything is foreign, is definitely rewarding.

I have always wanted to visit Finland. I’m half Finnish, and I think it would be interesting to learn a little about my heritage. I don’t want any lutefisk,though. Something about preparing a meal with lye isn’t very enticing.

Belize would be a nice tropical experience. I’d like to see how unforgiving the rainforest is.  Plus, it’s fun to say. Buh-leeze. I’d settle for a number of South American countries, though.  I’m not picky.

Brazil would be another nice destination for arapaima. I’m a terrible fisherman, but one of my dreams is to trek to the Amazon River and catch an arapaima. I’d like to catch a big angry fish that would even make Jeremy Wade tremble.

If I’m feeling especially intrepid, I’d go into the heart of darkness. The Congo. Joseph Conrad illustrates the stifling environment. I can imaging floating down the river in a dugout boat in anticipation of headhunters while hunting the elusive mokele mbembe. I’m sure it is about as real as the Loch Ness Monster, but just the thought of searching for a fabled dinosaur in the modern day sounds exhilarating.

It would be satisfying to return to Israel. I visited many years ago to see the Mount of Olives, the purported location of Christ’s tomb, and Masada.  I visited so many places there and I have forgotten most of them.  I would like to revisit Israel now that I have a deeper understanding.

I didn’t even consider the food at these exotic locales, but I’m sure that will be the most exciting part. I’ll be sure to seek out some good street food.