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My Name Is…


I eased up to the drive thru window in anticipation of my Route 44 Ocean Water. Nothing like an ocean of blue coconut syrupy Coppertone to quench your thirst. Have you ever tried the watermelon Ocean Water? Brace yourself for that delight.

The window flew open, and the friendly cashier (or beverage associate or whatever important sounding title Sonic uses for its employees) said, “Hello, my name is Tamequa…” I don’t remember what else she said as I was focused on her name tag.

I couldn’t reconcile Tamequa with what my eyes read. Written in the popular Sharpie font, the letters on the tag were J-U-D-Y. I sounded it out and it didn’t sound like Tamequa.

I had to inquire as I have never encountered this. She pointed out that Judy was kind of scribbled out and her name was scrawled across the bottom. I can’t recall, but I think it may have been a Pizza Hut name tag.

I’m going to pilfer a name tag that says Hieronymus. I’ll tell everyone I encounter that my name is Ted. Or, maybe I’ll throw a curveball and say my name is Ron.