BBQ Chronicles:  Pecan Lodge–Dallas, TX

It’s been a month and a half since I last noshed on barbecue.  Last time I was in Nashville, TN, and in Rooster Cogburn fashion, it didn’t hold a patch to Texas BBQ.

I was inspired by the Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ joints some time ago, and I always enjoy the adventure, though there are times when Texas Monthly boogers up their ranking–they apparently like Cousin’s BBQ.  I’ve had it and I’ve had better BBQ at Dickey’s, and they serve crap. 

A nice variety of meat to gauge Pecan Lodge’s deliciousness.

Let’s start with the brisket.  I ordered both fatty brisket and some from the flat for my less enthusiastic family members.  The fat was perfectly rendered and the meat was incredibly tender.  I was immensely happy with the flavor, but it’s not as good as Lockhart in Dallas or Black’s BBQ in Lockhart.  I also have to say that Bartley’s BBQ in Grapevine, TX produces superior brisket.  Regardless, their brisket was noteworthy.

The sausage was also nice.  We tried both the regular smoked sausage and the jalapeño/cheddar sausage.  Both were enjoyable.  The skin had a beautiful snap when you buy into it and the meat had a coarser grind than typical.  This sausage was definitely better than average.
While the spare ribs were tender, they didn’t have a lot of flavor.  Stanley’s in Tyler, TX is far superior. 

These links weren’t magical, but they were good.
 The beans were adequate.  They didn’t taste as if they came straight from a can, but they weren’t stellar, either.  Normally, I would gorge on beans, but these weren’t gorge-worthy.  Again, Stanley’s beats Pecan Lodge.  But if it’s beans you’re after, try Hutchins in McKinney, TX. 
These beans look fantastic, but it’s the unassuming slices of brisket in the background that are the winners here.
 Texas Monthly gives Pecan Lodge high marks with a 4.0/5.0.  Because of the shortcomings, I think I’ll have to award a 3.4/5.0.  


5 thoughts on “BBQ Chronicles:  Pecan Lodge–Dallas, TX”

  1. I really enjoy your blog, Ted, and if you’re ever down near my neck of the woods (pun) in The Woodlands, feel free to give me a shout as I would like to introduce you to two of my local favorites. Corkscrew BBQ began life in The Woodlands as a food truck, known for their delicious Q, their long lines and usually selling out daily by around 2 p.m., even when they almost doubled the size of their smoker. They are now getting ready to open up a brick & mortar joint in Spring – just south of The Woodlands.

    The other place is a food truck – BBQ Godfather – that recently moved from an empty lot with 2 other food trucks to a very nicely planned and laid out food truck park by the name of Bernie’s Back Yard, also in Spring.

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    1. Mike, that sounds like two terrific joints. I love food trucks and I love BBQ.

      Speaking of food trucks, I stumbled upon an old school bus in Houston that appears to be a permanent fixture. The best grilled chicken and there verde sauce is flaming! I believe it is called El Gallito Regio in Edgewood. Great stuff, and thanks for reading my blog!


  2. That sausage and beans look so good. I have gained 5 pounds just craving it and I’m not a big meat eater. They have started having Food Trucks Fridays downtown Huntsville, Al. I’ve yet to get out to enjoy.


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