Witnessing to Witnesses

This morning I was greeted by two Jehovah’s Witnesses.  They were trying to give me some pamphlet when I said that I was a Christian.  One of the guys responded that people have a misconception about Jehovah’s Witnesses.  He said that they are Christians and that we believe the same things.  I set the record straight by telling him that we share a lot of beliefs, but the differences that we have are eternal.

I quoted John 1:1 and then told him what his bible says.  The difference is a simple article.  A doctrinally sound translation says, “the Word was God.”  The Witnesses’ translation says, “the Word was a god.”  

For thirty minutes we discussed the differences in our view.  They believe that Jesus is the Son, but not God.  Then one of the gentlemen quoted Colossians 1:15 to prove Christ’s position as the firstborn of all creation, not God.  In my studies, I have come across CARM which I believe explains this verse not as a matter of physical position, but as a matter of headship.  Genesis 25 establishes this by naming Jacob the firstborn over Esau even though he was physically the second-born.  Bible.org has an extensive explanation of the prototokos concept.

I gently told them that they were going to hell if they do not believe that Jesus is God.  I told them not to take my word for it.  I advised them to read other translations.  Even better, with the Internet, they can easily see what was written in the Greek and the Hebrew.

I don’t know if I was able to reach them or not, but at least they heard the truth.  We live in an age where we don’t want to offend or hurt feelings, but regarding eternal matters, we must not be squeamish. It seems that people only want to emphasize some “permissive love,” which is not loving at all.  God is not some zen swami witch-doctor who teaches hippy love.  God will judge us all accordingly and I would not want to end up in hell because someone did not want to undertake the distasteful task of telling me that I’m wrong and must repent and believe in Jesus Christ.

We are tasked with proclaiming the Good News.  Let’s not forget to warn of the bad news.


3 thoughts on “Witnessing to Witnesses”

  1. JW’s have a lot of odd doctrines by which we can be distracted end uo chasing rabbits everywher. As you did, I believe the key focus in Christian witness should be ‘Who is Christ Jesus.” In John 1:1, they ignore (or do not understand) the Greek grammar and the predicate nominative. Other key verses to point to are the “I am” sayings of Jesus in John esp. John 8:58, “Before Abraham was, I am” Ask them why the Jews were going to stone him.
    I had hoped to put up a resource site for matetaial on witnessing to JWs like the one I put up on Mormonism…maybe somebody else will get that done. http://snowfar4.wix.com/mormonconfusion#!about/c2414

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    1. They do try to make you chase rabbits, but I had them on their heels and couldn’t spent too much time with rabbits. I kept returning to the deity of Christ and showed how the OT and NT points to Jesus.

      We must seek out these conversations and I want to be more proactive.


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