Southfield Grill–Shreveport, LA

Whoever thinks that Strawn’s Eat Shop has the best pie in town has obviously been born without a palate.  I was at Strawn’s recently and was saddened by the poor service and mediocre pie.  We decided to have a pie date day as a family, so we went to Southfield Grill and all chose something different.  That means I can sample more varieties.

Zoe’ had the peanut butter pie.  It was good, but I have had better.  Alli’s apple pie was solid.  If only it had a scoop of vanilla.  Maddie ordered a chunk of chocolate cake.  Very nice.  Heather and I split the lemon and chocolate pies.  The lemon pie is incredibly smooth and has a bright tartness.  I’m pretty certain it gets that zing from lemon zest.  By far, it is among the Hall of Greatest Pies.

pie1Now the chocolate is one that I haven’t had the pleasure of eating before today.  It’s got to be scratch made with Hershey’s cocoa.  It imbues an incredibly deep chocolate flavor complemented with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.  Delicious pie.
Normally, I’ll get a lemon pie for my birthday.  I turn 40 this year so I may have to get a chocolate pie, too.

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