Andy’s Frozen Custard–Jonesboro, AR

Though I cannot say that I’m a frozen custard connoisseur, I can confidently claim that Andy’s Frozen Custard has some top shelf product.

It’s so thick.

I went with an espresso concrete made with chocolate custard. The experience was surreal. I was with Alli, my oldest daughter, and we immediately had to park so that we could enjoy this high viscosity treat.

The texture was smooth. It was silky smooth, no–velvety smooth. I visualized strolling in the woods on a warm spring day when a buck rustled from the bushes to show off his velvety antlers. This must have been a tame deer, because I imagined him coming up to me to hand feed him some corn while I lick his velvety skull protuberances to experience the appeal of frozen custard that is unmatched at Andy’s.

Even if you don’t experience strange nature hallucinations, you will be glad to enjoy a frozen custard from Andy’s.

Here’s a tip: I ordered a medium and regretted the fact that I didn’t order a large. The medium is plenty big, but I feel slightly hollow that I just didn’t gorge myself.


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