Covenant of Sin

I just read a disturbing Yahoo News article regarding an evangelical couple with a gay son. The story ends tragically, and the impression I’m left with is that the lesson learned is to change Church policy instead of submitting to the sovereignty of God.

My heart goes out to families like this. There are no simple answers and how can one even begin to comfort parents who have lost a son.

There seems to be confusion between acceptance and affirmation. Acceptance is possible without condoning sinful behavior. Affirmation is an attempt to normalize sin, regardless of God’s stance on the matter. After all, He created the universe. I don’t think He is wishy washy on matters of sin.

Ultimately, there is only one issue at hand: either the Bible is divinely inspired or it’s not. Do we believe God, or is He a liar? If God is Truth, then we are called to holiness. If God is a liar, then He is unworthy of our worship.

If we cannot trust the Bible, then we can disregard any notions of absolute morality. In fact, this point marries well with relativism. I’m sure the subject has come up while waiting in line at Walmart when somebody opines, sodomy may be true for you but it’s not true for me.” Besides, we are talking about people wearing pajamas or full size sheets safety pinned in place. Personally, I try to keep my conversations light, but to each his own.

This brings up another question. In John 14:6, Jesus says, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” This statement refutes relativism. Is Jesus a crackpot or is he telling the truth? If Jesus doesn’t lie, look into his numerous statements that authenticate the Old Testament. If the Old Testament was wrong, Jesus could have set the record straight by telling us that there were abuses in Sodom and Gibeah, and He has been through anger management training. Jesus could have waved the rainbow flag of surrender chanting, “Gay is OK.” But He didn’t.

In Matthew 19:5, Jesus obliquely denounces homosexuality. His assertion is that a man will cleave to his wife. Some want to ignore that. Some want to ignore the Old Testament. Some want to dismiss our call to righteousness. Some twist our freedom in Christ as license to commit some of the most heinous of sins.

So which is it? If the Bible is not the divinely inspired word of God, then it is utterly useless. Aleister Crowley, a Satanist, said, “Do as though wilt.” Do we do what is right in our own eyes or do we seek fellowship with God?

If faith is based on fabrication, you are a fool to partake in its abominable sacrements. If the Bible is divinely inspired, we mustn’t create a god in our fallen image. We must take the Bible at face value and practice the tenets of the Bible as they stand.

It’s interesting to see how people try to have it both ways. John 14:5 says, “If you love me, you will keep my commands.” So which is it? Do you love Jesus Christ that brings salvation, or do you embrace your sin which reaps judgment?


One thought on “Covenant of Sin”

  1. Well I’d say this; If the Bible wasn’t inspired by God then the person who wrote it was the most intelligent being whoever lived! . Now where do I get off because holiness, righteousness, Satan nor God exist!! (Abba, Father, I don’t mean that)


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