Peggy’s Homemade Pizza–Natchitoches, LA

It seems that I’ve eaten pizza all over the Midwest and South, and most pizza is generally adequate. There are times when my taste buds catch a flicker of excitement like when I had Pizza Luce’s in Duluth, Davanni’s in Minneapolis, Damgoode pies in the Little Rock area, and Square Pizza in a Kansas City suburb. For some reason, I’m thinking Lawrence.

Nevertheless, I have always lamented to my wife that we are unable to get good pizza in the Shreveport area. They are improving as I think Rotolo’s is pretty good, but I want pizza that leaves an indelible mark on my psyche. I want a pie that will brand its excellence on my mind. I think I found one of those gems in Natchitoches. I never imagined I’d find that place essentially in my backyard.

The place was recently relocated to what used to be a residence. It’s nothing fancy, but I’m never looking for fancy. I’m looking for food.

The thin crust surprised me as there was an outer crust to hold. Apparently, they curl up the edges to make a nice handle. The toppings were of excellent quality and were in a nice ratio. Ever have the pizza with too many olives? It can have a deleterious effect on you.


I was satisfied with just pizza, but the family wanted to try the cinnamon sticks. Never have I sampled such a treat. The dough is folded, so there are actual layers within the breadsticks. The outside is crunchy while the inside is toothsome. Very satisfying as you dip them into the icing.

I tend to be critical of the food I eat, whether it’s at a restaurant or if I beat myself up the rest of the night because I get distracted and cook my steak medium rare instead of rare. (That really raises my hackles.) Peggy’s is easily one of my top 10 favorite pizza restaurants. We are still in town, so we might swing back for some more cinnamon sticks.

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