Twisted Root Burger Co.

The first time I came to Twisted Root, the restaurant had only been open for about a month. The atmosphere was great with electric guitars on the ceiling and Chuck Norris jokes written on the men’s room walls, but the burger was only mediocre. Granted, I didn’t order a kangaroo or a beaver burger, but with all of the hype, I expected something extraordinary. I was met with an average burger. The presentation was great but someone forgot to add some flavor.

The restaurant has been open several months now, and I decided it was time for another visit. I may be a sucker for atmosphere, and I always enjoy the faux dive bar look. People think food garners credibly if it’s eaten in a dump. Sometimes they are right. Sometimes it’s just a good burger.

I ordered the manly sounding Cowboy Burger or Tex Burger. I don’t know what it was called. I just know it was as big as a ten gallon hat and had guacamole. Before I ordered though, I asked for a sample of the guacamole. I had no choice as the manager was clueless when I asked if that fiendish herb, cilantro, was in the recipe. I’m glad to say I wasn’t overcome with rage that only cilantro and Splenda induce. Come on, how can you say a sugar alternative is like sugar but floats on coffee? I actually had a friend tell me about how that abomination is actually healthy. If I’m going to eat something that is like sugar, I’m going to go with the genuine article. Sugar. Cilantro is even worse as it is found in nature and tastes like minty toe fungus. I don’t need that on my burger.

The Big Rancher burger, or whatever it was called, was as messy as it was delicious. I needed twenty napkins but but the combination of guacamole and chipotle sauce was a good call. The fried onions and bacon topping the burger weren’t bad, either.

Today was also the first time I’ve tried fried green beans. Healthy + cloggy is a great addition to any diet, and I’ll have to admit that fried green beans outperforms fried pickles. I need to conduct a double blind study to prove my assertion theory.

I’m glad I gave this establishment a second opportunity to shine because I’m usually gun shy to give a restaurant a second chance. Twisted Root Burger Co. Is well on its way to becoming a favorite burger joint of mine.



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