Is Anything More Evil Than Comcast?

CC image courtesy of Masayoshi Sekimura on Flickr.
CC image courtesy of Masayoshi Sekimura on Flickr.

I’ve had Comcast against my will for nine years. I have no other comparable option for high speed internet. I don’t have access to DSL and I’m not paying exorbitant fees for satellite internet. I’m over a barrel and I’ve been seething for a long time. They bent me out of shape so badly a couple of years ago, I wrote letters to the Mayor, the Governor, and the senators and congresspersons for Louisiana. It was a pointless endeavor but it was cathartic.

As far as the product goes, it’s good as long as it is working. I’ll even say that surfing the internet is generally fast and frustration free. Except when I have to call customer service.

A typical call has someone reading a script that is riddled with empty apologies. At least that is what I hear. Today’s debacle stems from a billing snafu.

There was a nice addition of modem rental fees when I have owned my own modem for years. My broadband plan was suddenly changed and I’m magically being billed for installation and franchise fees. My bill had increased 50%.

I have had nothing installed and I’ve had nothing but an antenna and Netflix to feed my television consumption for two years. Before we pared down our expenses, we had DirecTV, not Comcast.

I called customer service today just like I had done on numerous occasions for nearly a decade. Today was different because I was informed that I was not authorized to discuss my account. It’s in my wife’s name, but I was listed years ago as one who was privileged to discuss the account with the intrepid souls at Comcast. Until today. All because my account has been updated or modified on June 1 without our knowledge or permission.

I spent thirty minutes that I’ll never see again attempting to get some answers. The only response was that my wife will have to call to put me on the permission list.

The reason given is because Comcast has received a rash of calls of unauthorized people to discuss accounts. My reply was that I was unconcerned as long as these rogues weren’t calling to discuss my account. I asked how they would know if they were speaking to my wife or not if I had an imposter call with the account information to place me on the permission list.

There were no satisfactory answers. There never are from Comcast. Heather had to call to straighten this mess out.

Now that I’m able to discuss the account, I should call to report that an imposter called to place my name on the account. I better keep my mouth shut because I’m sure there will be another nightmare scenario in three months. If there is anything consistent with Comcast, it’s that their customer service is incompetent and sometimes adversarial.

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