Not Coming Back

CC image courtesy of Kevin Dooley on Flickr.
CC image courtesy of Kevin Dooley on Flickr.

It takes about seven months to reach Mars. Assuming that there would be no coming back because of logistical concerns, I would have to assume I was part of a third world space program. Perhaps North Korea.

For me to be a part of a slipshod program, I would have fallen victim to something insidious. Perhaps kidney thieves (who moonlight as astronauts) kidnapped me.

Maybe the whole plan was to take me along as an organ donor. Have you heard what kidneys go for on Phobos? Astronomical.

It’s not as if we were visiting the Oort cloud. Not returning from Mars is like stopping at Circle K and vanishing. Nothing good ever comes from those scenarios.

I wonder what my captors have in store for me. They must be my captors, because I would have chosen comrades who know how to return from such a short trip.

In this prison, I can only think about home. The room is cramped with a small window. All I can see is the black void.

Written in response to the Daily Post’s daily prompt.


6 thoughts on “Not Coming Back”

  1. Howdy, Ted. Was just reading and watching about the supposed different alien races last night that have slipped in on us. Shocked that it’s even in some of Snowden’s documents. Kind of thought you might have been writing about your own abduction…haven’t seen you in a while. Just this morning I reminded myself to email you to make sure you were okay. Good to see ya!


    1. I’m still kicking. I’ve been kinda busy the past week or so. That and I haven’t had anything to write.

      I haven’t heard the Snowden news. So he supposedly knows of alien races that will usher in the NWO or something?


      1. I’m not sure how I got to that while surfing. But I came across some theory, then a high-level former Canadian officer who is now outspoken on the matter. I did a cursor search on stuff he was saying and was shocked to find a Forbes article that not only corroborated the topic, but also placed it in the documents of Edward Snowden. Some of the more important links I viewed are below. Enjoy!


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