The Magic that is 70’s Television

CC image courtesy of Ángel Raúl Ravelor on Flickr.

I grew up watching all manner of television shows. I think being born in the 70s has something to do with it. In all seriousness, I consumed Good Times, All in the Family, The Jeffersons, even Three’s Company. My mom used to cackle watching Jack Tripper and his misadventures posing as a homosexual man living with two women. And she really does cackle. If she had a pointy black hat, green skin, an enormous hairy mole on her nose, and rode a broomstick at night, you would swear that she was a witch with that laugh. Don’t get upset that I’m poking fun at my mom. The joke’s on me as this cackle is hereditary. I’m known as the cacklebeast.

When I watch those shows today I see that some of these shows were edgy with their subject matter. Today’s world is eclipsed by political correctness where everyone takes everything so seriously. What is funnier than George Jefferson calling a white man a honkey? Archie Bunker’s bigotry making him a fool? Were these shows propagating racism? These issues ranged from racism to alcoholism. I actually enjoy how the subject matter is clumsily worked into the script.

The formula is simple involving an informative–yet unrealistic dialogue. How many times have you had a conversation that included statistics? Try a segue into the percentage of Americans with flat feet. I’m working on that one. By the way, I have flat feet.

See how I executed that transition masterfully? I learned my techniques from 70’s tv.


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