Willie’s Duck Diner, West Monroe, LA


Called out on another Mercy Chefs deployment. I’m headed to Louisville, MS as they were hit with tornadoes about the same time as Vilonia, AR.

John and I are passing through Louisiana on I-20 and decided to try out Willie’s Duck Diner in Monroe. I didn’t expect much as I thought the restaurant is riding on the big Duck Dynasty reputation (and it is), but it turned out to be pretty good.

I’ve really been wanting some meatloaf, so I took a gamble. It was an easy choice because I was able to order jambalaya as a side. When I’m in Louisiana (of which I’m a resident), I have to have jambalaya if it’s on the menu.

I can see this establishment intimidates the customer with gigantic portions. There was at least a 3/4 pound of ketchup slathered meat on my plate. As for taste, it was pretty good. Definitely better than Cracker Barrel. And no, I’m not saying that Cracker Barrel is good by anyone’s standard.

The potatoes were real enough. They had a great consistency, but were a little buttery for my taste. That’s a surprise because I’ve been known to mash my potatoes with sticks of butter. Why use milk, right?

The jambalaya wasn’t presented beautifully, but it’s a rice dish. And this isn’t Emeril’s. It had a bold flavor. I really enjoyed it, but my palate was off, so I couldn’t identify the mélange of seasonings.

As a whole, the food was good. If I make it back, I’ll have to try the catfish and froglegs. I really would enjoy an onslaught of froglegs.

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