Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe–Conway, AR


Mediterranean cuisine is never on my radar, but we (me and my Mercy Chef buddies) decided to try it out. It’s not like there are a lot of options in Conway, AR, anyway. It looks like it is one of those fast-casual sit down-but order at the counter sort of place.

For starters, we enjoyed some stuffed grape leaves. They were nice and leafy. They were also sour and angry. The combination was a delightful treat.

The main deal was a lamb gyro without that cucumbery tzak…whatever sauce. Add some roasted red peppers and horseradish sauce and you have something special.

If that wasn’t enough, it came with roasted red peppers with a nice balance of olive oil and lemon juice. Overall, it was a flavor profile that awakened my palate.

This place appears to be a small regional chain, but Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe is certainly worth indulging.

I do have to note that they comped the meal. They said they refuse to accept money from disaster relief workers. Free is nice, but when a table full of chefs give the establishment high marks, you can color me impressed.

4 thoughts on “Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe–Conway, AR”

  1. Reminds me of my last days in college. A buddy of mine and I started taking each Friday to visit foreign food and ethnic restaurants. We only made a few, yet it’s something I wish to do again with a willing soul. So fun and such a learning experience, especially if you enjoy food.


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