I’ve Got A Fever

What’s your biggest junk food weakness?  Tell us all about it in its sugary, salty glory.

Do you know what it’s like to be hooked? I do. No, I’m not a meth addict, though this habit is equally as difficult to kick. I get hopped up on cookies.

The above clip has nothing to do with cookies, but Christopher Walken’s fever for more cowbell is a perfect illustration for my fever for cookies.

I love the chewy goodness of chocolate chip cookies. I like crunching down a fistful of Oreos. It doesn’t matter. I’m the worst kind of fiend. I’m indiscriminate.

Normally, I can keep my cool as Girl Scouts peddle those too-small boxes. How long can twelve cookies last? One sitting.

This year I was ensnared by the Samoa. I eat them every year. I usually eat four or five cookies and move on. I consumed seven boxes this year. Seven. I know, those seven miniature cookie boxes translate to maybe two boxes of Chips Ahoy, but you can’t get Samoas at Circle K. You have a small window every year.

I gorged myself on these cookies until the craving disappeared. I only wish I had the luxury to taper off.  I should have gotten more of those cookies and hid them in the lampshade.


(Above CC image courtesy of Yann Gar on Flickr).

4 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Fever”

  1. Seven boxes, Ted? Now…I know you’re my kind of eater! 😀 Last year a neighbor whose daughter sold GS cookies heard me say I loved them and decided to give me five boxes free! I gave one away and inhaled the rest. I love them all, but plain and simple is best for me: Trefoils. Have you tried Lemonades? Yum. My mom had some this year and they are great. Again, I’m hungry.


    1. I think I had the lemonades, but the Samoas are the best. I felt like a crack addict because I kept calling a friend to sell me “just two more boxes.” Her kid made a ton of money off me.


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