The Severity of Time

Did you know that time could be distracted? When everyday is a Disneyland kind of day, tomorrow becomes next week.

If you are beset with pain, time loses its forward momentum. Time loiters. It’s as if time has an insatiable appetite for agony. It’s like riding a broken suicide machine.


This is in response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge.


31 thoughts on “The Severity of Time”

  1. Chronic Pain, does have an odd way of warping the sense of time. It’s too easy to lose track of the hours, the days, and too soon weeks become months. Before you know it, pain free days are fleeting memories, a thing of the distant past.


  2. Pain is like a squatter in your life. I felt like I needed to give it my full attention and that just made it hang around longer. It finally moved on (for the most part) or I did. Hope you’re feeling better.

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